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I am seeking to raise $50,000 in subscription donations for the year to write my next book and for the production and maintenance of my website. As corporations increasingly control access to and distribution of ideas, it is essential for individuals to directly fund artists whose work they enjoy. I write for myself and you, my readers, and have never and will never compromise my vision. A contribution by you in any amount provides valuable funding to help me write. With your donations I will be able to pursue my new book project while also writing short stories and blog posts, and generally maintaining and updating my site with new writing. To learn more about the book project and the value and benefits of your donation, click here.


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Read my latest short story, Grappling Hook. I originally imagined it as a stand-up monologue.

Grappling Hook


So I decided to buy a grappling hook. You know, something handy that I could keep in the car in case of emergency. In case I might need to scale an imposing cliff face or the wall of an office building.


None of you will be surprised to learn that there is a lot of variety in the grappling hook market. It seemed I wasn’t the only one who wanted to connect with his inner ninja. After some deliberation, I went for a smaller collapsible four-claw variety, mid-range in price, deciding that it was most appropriate for casual use in a suburban environment. Not only is a grappling hook a handy tool, but it is also very satisfying to say. Go on say it with me a few times: Grappling hook. Grappling hook. That’s right, grappling hook! See, now don’t you feel better?


At first it was just reassuring to have it in the car and know that I could grapple at a moment’s notice. I had never grappled anything in my entire life, and I decided it was about time to start. I first began to put it to use grappling the morning paper from the driveway, then at the grocery store where I grappled fruit and vegetables from the produce displays. Which generated some odds looks. It didn’t take long before a clerk came by and told me that in spite of my obvious skill, I couldn’t grapple in the store. Really, since when? Was that documented company policy? In fact it was. He turned and pointed to a sign on the wall with a grappling hook with a line through it. Grappling Forbidden! How could I have missed that? 


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Check out my latest novel Bay of Hope

Esperanza, a small coastal town in Mexico known for its natural beauty, community spirit and quality of life, is about to have its local ecology of fishing and tourism disrupted by a group of outsiders. As Esperanza’s pro-development mayor, and Natura, a major international environmental NGO, work to shape the town’s future, a bilateral war on drugs has provoked a turf war between rival drug cartels that threatens to consume Mexico. Can Esperanza preserve its traditional values, natural resources and local economy, or will it be destroyed by the corruption, greed and violence of a global marketplace where everything is for sale?


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This is how the book cover was designed and created . . .


Bay of Hope drawing

A linocut starts with a drawing, which is then traced and transferred to the linoleum block using carbon paper. It is important to plan an image that is not too detailed and which has a good balance of positive and negative space. Once the image has been transferred to the block (note that it will print the opposite of how it was drawn), the linocutting process begins . . .


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Read my latest novel

Bay of Hope!

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